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Mathstone International Finance Advisors Secure FEIFA Membership

Mathstone are proud and thrilled to announce that we are officially now members of FEIFA, The Federation of European Financial Advisors. As English-speaking international finance advisors, we truly value their support they will provide when we represent clients in European markets. Both our clients and ourselves stand to benefit from this excellent development.

How do you benefit from having a FEIFA approved international finance advisor?

As a Mathstone client, or potential one, our membership of FEIFA will prove beneficial in many ways. For starters, you should be reassured that we have successfully completed and passed the highly rigorous and thorough vetting and due diligence. It’s effectively an independent assessment. Not all international finance advisors meet the grade required for membership. That Mathstone have passed should give you confidence in the quality of our work.

In addition, we have signed up to FEIFA’s Code of Conduct as a clear sign of our commitment to doing our best by our clients.

If you are ever unsure about whether your international finance advisor is an approved FEIFA member, you simply need to refer to the available list on the FEIFA website.

How do we benefit as international finance advisors?

Now that Mathstone is a member of FEIFA, we have gained access to their wider array of resources, advice and experience.

As individual international financial advisors, we have the option of engaging with their professional development opportunities, honing and refining our skills in order to provide the highest level of service and technical advice we can to clients. We similarly benefit from their product training.

An excellent example of such opportunities is the annual FEIFA Spring Conference. There, we will have the chance to listen to and be inspired by some of the very best in the business. Everything that we learn from the expert panels, presentations and networking will inform the guidance we give our clients. It's at events like this that we get the opportunity to discuss ideas with other international financial advisors and share our own knowledge.

With Brexit still very much unresolved, Mathstone believe that our membership of FEIFA will prove invaluable. With the future of the European regulatory environment and Britain’s relationship to it still so unclear, it is vital that we receive accurate and comprehensive advice. It is then our job to take that expert advice onboard, consider how it impacts upon our clients and take action if required.

In its role as a trade association, FEIFA acts as our representative when negotiating with financial institutions, governments and regulatory bodies. Given the current political climate, such representation is more vital than ever if we wish to protect the interests of our clients.

At Mathstone, we are highly experienced and have a great depth of knowledge, but FEIFA provides us with that additional reassurance. As international finance advisors, we like to know that there is someone we can turn to for additional clarity around local tax frameworks, regulations and compliance. It helps to reduce the risk we face as a business.

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