High-calibre saving structures

There are many things that we'll need to save for during our lives. A car, maybe a house, or just having more available capital for life's surprises. If children arrive you'll find yourself with one of the largest  financial commitments you'll ever need to consider, and by carefully  planning for the costs of university education you'll be reducing stress and providing your children with the best opportunities in life.                

Your savings don't have to be earmarked for one particular concern, so it's best to keep your capital liquid in the event that something else arises along the way. Avoiding contractual saving terms, we simply replace product charges with our own fee-based structure so a large parts of your investment is not taken by upfront charges, and you won’t be disappointed if circumstances change and you need your capital returned quickly.

Mathstone only utilises savings products and solutions which allow you to: 

  • Access 100% of the capital when you need it.        

  • Transfer funds quickly and easily.

  • Choose from thousands of funds, ETF's and Managed Portfolios.

  • Receive guidance on selecting securities.

  • Increase and decrease contributions.

  • Miss payments for unexpected expenses.

  • Pay charges as you go, not front-loaded.

  • Switch funds easily.

  • View your savings online.

  • Open accounts remotely.

  • Capitalise on market fluctuations and volatility.