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Mathstone are specialists in simplifying expatriate investments. Organising financial matters can get complicated overseas, and bespoke financial planning from Mathstone ensures you'll get it right first time.

In the pursuit of full transparency for international investors through low-cost investment structures, we avoid the 'one size fits all' approach synonymous with offshore financial advice. Utilising the latest reporting technology, we provide visibility, control and liquidity for your investments, and correlating our fee-based advice model to our client's financial success means we work together to get you the best possible results.

From pension transfers to lump sum investments, mortgages to life insurance, you can enjoy our complete range of services through one trusted advisory that puts your best interests first.


The world of investment changes quickly, so don't get stuck with something that becomes outdated or can't be changed if something better comes along. The limiting nature of some offshore investments may prevent you keeping up with progress and missing out on opportunities.


Expatriate investors have become more cost-conscious and investment-savvy than ever. In the past, investing in unregulated markets has led to disappointment for thousands of investors, and investing again means the best possible service and value for money is of the utmost importance.


Mathstone's investment solutions are on a non-contractual basis, including tax-compliant bond structures with no fixed duration or exit charges giving you full flexibility should your circumstances, or technology change. We also correlate our fees to the value of your investment, so if your wealth grows, ours does too, so we do our best to ensure that happens. 


We source the most efficient investment structures so you'll enjoy low costs, total portability and if we find you something better in the future, you'll have the flexibility to change knowing we'll be working closely to achieve the best possible results.


It is important to consider the effect that costs can have on your portfolio and what you are actually paying for. The varying types of investments and the difference in charges can have a significant impact on results over time, so it is vital to understand where your money goes and what is right for you as an investor. 

Working with Mathstone makes investment decisions easier than ever. The options available from a range of the world's best in low-cost, multi-currency investment solutions come with detailed rationale for all recommendations. A clear understanding of how and where your capital is being invested provides clarity and transparency regardless of what type of investor you are.


Passive investing aims to maximize returns by avoiding the costs associated with trading within an active fund. Passive investments aim to replicate markets (eg. the FTSE 100 or S&P 500), but with much lower costs than active funds that have managers to pay. 

There has been a huge increase in demand for passive securities in recent years such as exchange traded funds (ETF's, aka trackers or index funds), and the choice now available is phenomenal. Investors can now enjoy easy access to a selection of stocks in niche sectors such as clean energy and technology, and also use of multi-asset funds that provide market sector and geographical diversity through a portfolio of regularly re-balanced ETF's for a fraction of the cost of managed funds.


Active investment management involves fund managers buying and selling securities such as stocks and bond in an attempt to outperform markets and benchmarks. 

Fund managers have come under increased scrutiny in recent years as historical data clearly shows that the majority regularly        underperform the wider markets and also therefore, index funds. The more successful fund managers often have difficulty staying at the top raising questions over whether the fees they charge can be justified. There are however, fund managers that  consistently    outperform their peers making the fees they charge considered value for money for the expertise they bring.


Despite the compelling facts and figures for using passive investments, the concept is still new to many and experience shows us that some investors prefer to include active fund management within their portfolios. This is very easy to achieve, and by using discretionary fund managers that actively manage low-cost passive investments, or combining a blend of passive and top-decile managed funds, Mathstone ensures your capital will be managed in a quantitative and disciplined manner to give you real opportunities for security and growth.

You can contact us by completing our contact form or by sending an email to, telling us more about you and how you would like us to help.


Distances are no obstacle for us, we provide guidance regardless of location and conduct detailed consultations free of charge.


Our advice is always easy to understand with clear and concise explanations for the fees we charge, leaving you to make an informed decision and invest with total peace of mind.



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Mathstone provides financial solutions globally, assisting expatriates worldwide with pension transfer advice (QROPS & SIPPS), capital lump sum investment, savings vehicles, managing existing portfolios, insurance cover, repatriation advice and wills.



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